The only thing that I love more than my family and teaching is fashion!  I especially love fashion when you can get all those adorable items on a budget.  Let’s face it—teachers are not rich people, so I LOVE finding great deals!  I’m hoping you’ll love reading my blog and finding great deals too!

I have three adorable children (two who really aren’t children anymore – teenagers, UGH!  Need I say more?)  I teach first grade and love those little babies.  I had started a blog about teaching in the past and well…life goes into crazy mode as soon as the school year begins, so I was never very good at keeping up!  This is me turning over a new leaf!

I feel like writing is an outlet for me.  It’s really very therapeutic in a way, so I’m making a commitment to myself to keep up with blogging!  I want to be authentic and I also want to share all the things that make me happy…fashion, home decor, health and wellness and yes, my firsties.  I do have some of the best stories—“Out of the mouth of babes!”